Tenant programs that make economic sense.


Multi Family Housing

Requiring tenants to have renters insurance is good business, however not all tenants will recognize the value nor want to purchase full coverage. As a convenience for those tenants, our program offers an affordable alternative protecting the property for accidental damage while providing a valuable new revenue stream. Read more

Student Housing

The Tenant Waiver Program (TWP)  is ideally suited for student housing as students can accidentally damage property and are less likely to obtain typical renters insurance. TWP is affordable and will provide a valuable new revenue stream increasing net operating income. Read More

What is TWP

TWP is a tenant damage liability program fully funded by the tenants. TWP allows owners and managers of multi-family real estate to increase net operating income, build long term wealth, and better protect their property.

Why Choose TWP

Through industry leading economics, TWP’s clients will realize the full profit potential of their multi-family real estate portfolio. We have developed a proprietary program that increases your net operating income, builds long term wealth, and better protects your property.

Our Executive Team

TWP is owned and operated by highly skilled CPAs, attorneys, real estate professionals, and insurance professionals. TWP’s owners, officers, and directors have represented large and middle market real estate firms for the past 30 years. Our core clients are privately held and have a diverse portfolio of real property.



Your Turnkey Solution to Tenant Insurance