Tenant programs that make economic sense.

With the Property Owners Protection Insurance Company, LLC (POPIC) Tenant Waiver Program, we have created a product that will substantially increase net operating income and portfolio value while simultaneously providing funding for specified accidental tenant damage.

The multifamily real estate industry is experiencing a trend where large and professionally managed portfolios are implementing a mandatory insurance provision in their leases. We have not found a single competitor with the ability to maximize net operating income and protection to the extent achievable with the POPIC Tenant Waiver Program.

With the POPIC Tenant Waiver Program, all new tenants and renewals are required to provide proof of insurance or purchase an affordable damage waiver for $11.00 per month. The waiver satisfies the lease provision requiring the tenant to carry his/her own renters policy, and waives the right to hold the tenant responsible for specific accidental damage primarily caused by fire, smoke, explosion, water damage, and falling objects, up to specified limits.  The waiver does not protect the tenant against obligations for excess wear, pet damage, or intentional acts of vandalism.

Because of convenience and price point, we expect up to 85% of new and renewing tenants to opt-in and purchase the waiver instead of procuring their own third party renters insurance. Requiring tenants to carry renters insurance has not had an adverse effect on occupancy rates amongst our clients.

“ Captivating Results!”

What truly separates POPIC from the rest of the industry is the option to remit the additional revenue created from the Tenant Waiver Program into your regulatory approved Segregated Business Unit (SBU) Captive Insurance Company. We have created a turnkey Captive program with no formation fees and no flat monthly management fees.

As the owner of your SBU, you will have complete control over all aspects of your Captive Including:

  • Selecting ownership of your SBU
  • Controlling all financial aspects
  • Choice and control of your bank accounts and banking relationships
  • Hiring investment advisors, fund managers, and managing investment options
  • Controlling timing and amounts of your dividends and distributions

“We make our clients’ money, not work”

The POPIC Tenant Waiver Program is turnkey. We make our clients’ money, not work. Our services include:



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  • SBU formation
  • Monthly SBU management
  • Legal
  • Compliance
  • Accounting
  • Training property managers on Tenant Waiver Program
  • Claims handling
  • Monthly tracking of participants
  • Tracking tenants who provide their own third party insurance
  • Customize property management software
  • Monthly invoicing